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Posted by Joseph     1 Comments Friday, April 16, 2010
Turn That Frown Upside Down!
Surely you have seen this before? A front entry light fixture deliberately installed upside down! There are many examples of these right in my own neighborhood. But I have also seen examples of this back East and out West. Perhaps the homeowner thought the light fixture was designed for this orientation. Perhaps the fixture wasn't tightened down properly and it rotated itself 180 degrees? The most likely reason is that the homeowner purchased the fixture (or it was given to them) and the fixture just would not physically fit in its location right side up. So it gets installed upside down.

I really hate seeing this. It drives me crazy. Its like wearing your earrings upside down...wearing your shirt backwards...or installing rain gutters vertically. Its just silly. Exterior light fixtures are designed and engineered for weather and are rated for either damp or wet locations. Aesthetically, light fixtures are designed for upward or downward orientation. Many are designed to be mounted center on the electrical box. The bottom line is that front entry lighting is a very important aesthetic and functional tool that should be a "comfortable compositional element".  If it is too high, too low, too small, too large, or a misfit for the architecture, then it will always appear odd.

If you are considering a front entry light fixture, consider first printing out a picture of it and then enlarging it to exact size on a copier. Cut it out and hold it up to the installation location. This can be very helpful in determining if the fixture fits appropriately or not. We will frequently email a full size line drawing to our customers and they will print it out and hold it up to the intended installation location. This process is invaluable.

Does your home need a low cost lift?

Is your front entry tired looking?

Are you considering selling?

We cannot stress enough how important a fitting light fixture and house number or number marker is to the curb appeal of the home.

OPHH.com is now offering a number of
exterior lighting and house number marker combination packages at a very reasonable cost.
Please check them out here.

Example: Upsidedown Light Fixture                       Example: Misfit Light Fixture

Example: Tired House Number Marker (old wood background and falling apart)

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We have developed unique relationships with many of our Craftsmen, and suppliers of products allowing customization for our customers. All at very competitive pricing!

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