About Arroyo Craftsman Finishes

Care For Arroyo Craftsman Metal Finishes
Arroyo Craftsman signature finishes are hand applied finishes and are some of the best in the industry because they allow them to "mature". Arroyo Craftsman's Verdigris Patina finish is the result of an intensive three day process, resulting in a unique and naturally aged appearance. All Arroyo Craftsman "hand applied" metal finishes will continue to mature and change with time and can be referred to as a "Living Finish" (more-so outdoors).

Some Arroyo Craftsman metal finishes have a clear lacquer coat as a finishing cost. Because of California State EPA law, Arroyo Craftsman uses a water-based clear lacquer coating. This water-base lacquer coating will eventually dissipate when used outdoors, causing the finish to evolve and patina. The speed in which this happens depends upon geographic location and exposure to the elements. This clear lacquer coating is applied to the following Arroyo Craftsman finishes:
VP - Verdigris Patina
BZ - Bronze
AB - Antique Brass (not recommended for long term outdoor use)
AC - Antique Copper (not recommended for long term outdoor use)
This clear lacquer coating is NOT applied to the following Arroyo Craftsman finishes. These finishes are intended to weather over time and patina, which cannot happen if a finish coating is applied.
RC - Raw Copper
MB - Mission Brown

Arroyo Craftsman also offers some finishes which are a powder coated finish. This is a baked on finish and is quite durable. It will not change over time. Arroyo Craftsman powder coated finishes include:
RB - Rustic Brown
SL - Slate
BK - Satin Black
P - Pewter

The metal and glass components of Arroyo Craftsman products should be cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth.  Please refrain from using soaps or glass cleaners as some of their ingredients may damage the glass or metal finish.  The Raw Copper and Mission Brown finishes are not lacquered and therefore are sensitive to the natural oils produced by the skin. Handling these finishes with exposed skin may affect the appearance.  Because of this we recommend using gloves when handling items in these finishes.

Most of Arroyo Craftsman’s metal finishes are naturally oxidized and will continue to change and mature with age.  This process can be slowed, but not completely prevented. You can clean and help seal some Arroyo Craftsman finishes by applying a clear paste wax to the metal components of the item. We have also found Orange Oil to be very effective in cleaning and preserving the finish. We do not recommend using any wax or oil on Raw Copper or Mission Brown because it may damage the finish. It will certainly change the appearance considerably.