About Arroyo Craftsman Finishes

Arroyo Craftsman Lighting
Arroyo Craftsman prides itself on their attention to detail, hand finishing, and quality. Because of that, and a variety of choices in metal finish and glass combinations, Arroyo Craftsman offers the finest quality and greatest selection in Arts and Crafts inspired lighting available. Their fixtures are made of heavier gauge brass than is common, giving them a more substantial appearance and increased durability. The rivets used in many of the fixtures provide both beauty and additional structural integrity.

Most importantly, Arroyo Craftsman's hand applied finishes are the best in the industry because they take the time to let them mature. The Mission Brown, Bronze, Raw Copper and Verdigris Patina undergo an intensive and time consuming process, resulting in a complex and naturally aged appearance. All hand applied metal finishes will continue to mature and change with time. Other finishes are durable powder-coat finishes.

For COASTAL AREAS, it is suggested to use one of the (LF) Living Finishes. A living finish is with or without an added protective coating, these materials are allowed to age gracefully in their natural state in what is referred to as the living finish. Over time, the finish will oxidize with use, adding more character and uniqueness to your lighting. Arroyo Craftsman uses a water-based clear lacquer over the following finishes: BZ-Bronze, VP-Verdigris Patina, AB-Antique Brass, AC-Antique Copper. This water-based lacquer will dissipate over time, allowing the patina process to begin. The VP-Verdigris Patina finish can be ordered without the lacquer coating. It is important to note that the living finish process will vary depending upon the location and exposure to the elements.

(LF) Living Finish
(PC) Powdercoat
(OX) Oxidized Finish (clear lacquer on top)


RC - Raw Copper - (LF)

MB - Mission Brown - (LF)

BZ - Bronze - (LF)

VP - Verdigris Patina - (LF)

BK - Satin Black - (PC)

RB - Rustic Brown - (PC)

SL - Slate - DISCONTINUED P - Pewter - (PC) AB - Antique Brass - (OX)
AC - Antique Copper - (OX)