Address Plaques For The Home

Easy to install address markers available in many designs and color options.
House number plaques (address signs) are perfect way to dress up an home's entry or curb appeal. Compared to individual house numbers which require a minimum of 2 screws holes per number, address plaques require only 2 mounting screws. This is great for installing onto brick, stucco, or any other uneven or visually busy surface.

Address plaques are available in many design styles and color options. This way you can customize the appearance to match or enhance your home's style. Cast aluminum plaque costs range from $49 to $95 on average. Lawn markers are also available.

We offer hundreds of address plaque combinations made by in USA by Whitehall Products. To see how the plaques are made, visit this link to WATCH A VIDEO ON HOW THE PLAQUES ARE MADE.

Here are just a few of the many plaque category options we offer: