Advantages of a House Number Plaque

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An important part of a home’s entryway is a house marker or home address number. A house marker not only serves as a functional component, but is also an architectural component reinforcing your home’s intended architecture. It can also be instrumental in improving a home’s curb appeal.

Often, when updating a home’s house numbers, a homeowner will naturally begin looking for individual house numbers. Individual house numbers can offer a minimal look depending on house number style, size and amount of numbers. Much depends on the installation surface, as well as the background color verses the house number finish color. Individual house numbers typically require at least 2 holes per number to drill then install and if you have 4 or 5 numbers well…that’s 16 to 18 holes to line up, level, and drill. This is especially challenging on an uneven surface such as brick, stone, or stucco.

A house number plaque on the other hand, can provide automatic contrast between its background color and numbers (and street name). And more importantly, a house number plaque typically has only 2-4 holes for installation total. A house number plaque can also be used to cover up unsightly surfaces such as holes or residual discoloration left over from previous house numbers. We have had customers use a house number plaque to cover up old mail slots and doorbells.

Another house number plaque option is a lawn house number plaque which can be installed virtually anywhere on one’s property. Lawn house number plaques have 2 stakes and you simply press the plaque into the ground. Lawn house number plaques are especially useful if you have a very long driveway or want to add this functional element to a garden area. Keep in mind geographic areas with heavy snowfall however.

Either way, when selecting a house number plaque, consider the design and how it may compliment your home’s architecture. Consider its size and shape relative to the intended installation area. Our plaque size options can include a large Estate size, Standard size, or Petite size. When considering color or finish, think about other elements on the home such as nearby door hardware, mailbox, doorbell, light fixture, or trim color. Generally, you will want everything to work together and have somewhat of a cohesive look.

As always, we at Oak Park Home & Hardware are here to help with your selection.

We offer 3 material types of house number plaques. Our house number plaques by Healy Designs are solid bronze and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. These are made in USA. With the bronze plaques, you can select from a few different type fonts and in some cases, an art element. Because of the bronze material, and attention to detail in manufacturing, the bronze plaques have the highest cost ranging from $238 up to $1650. The bronze plaques are great for a commercial building or historical dwelling.

Our house number plaques by Craftsmen Hardware are handcrafted Craftsman style number plaques made from solid copper. These are hand hammered with an oil rubbed bronze finish and have a clear lacquer finish coating. The copper plaques can be made in horizontal or vertical formats. Costs range from $182 up to $320.

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Our house number plaques by Whitehall Products are much more economical in cost ranging from $42 up to $187. The most popular size is the Standard size with a typical cost of $96. The house number plaques by Whitehall Products come in many designs, sizes, colors and are also made in USA. The typical lead-time for the house number plaques by Whitehall is 3 weeks.