Cast Stone Planters & Vases - Photoshop Simulation

We can simulate any planter or vase for you for FREE
For many years, we have been providing simulated renderings for our potential customers who have been thinking of ordering one of our planters. We can simulate just about any cast stone planter or vase into a picture that you provide to us. All you need to do, is send a straight on elevation view of the intended installation site for the planters, along with a width dimension of something prevalent in the photo such as a pier cap or column.

This should be emailed to us at:  sales(at)

You can also tell us which planter designs you were considering. We may make some other recommendations as well. We can also simulate any house number plaque, individual numbers, or mailbox.

Below are just a few of the many examples we have done over the years.

There is no obligation to order. If you select to order with us, we have cast stone color samples in which can be sent to you for review. Having the color samples in hand allow our customers to check out the color in the environment in which the planter(s) will ultimately be. The planters are made to order and non-returnable so we do everything possible to make sure that you are ordering an item which is a perfect fit whether it be style, size, and/or color.

A note about shipping for the planter/vases:

The cast stone planters and vases are very heavy (even the small sized ones) and must be shipped via freight (curbside delivery). Some of the planters are shipped in separate pieces and must be assembled on site. For example, many of the Frank Lloyd Wright planter designs have a cap which is a separate piece from the bowl section. In some cases, the base is separate from the bowl. The planters are well packed onto palates. If the planters will be delivered to a residential location, then we typically order a delivery with a lift gate. It is the recipient’s responsibility to handle the delivery after it is lowered to the ground. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have at least 2 people present who can handle heavy weight. In many cases, our customers have their landscaper personnel available to handle this. The larger planters will require a fork lift to install.

Shipping costs depend upon weight and ship to location. We can provide a shipping quote based on which planters you are interested in, quantity, and delivery location.

Lead times before shipping range from 5-7 weeks (depending upon time of year).

For installation instructions, CLICK HERE