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The Craftsman style home has realized revival and renaissance largely because of its simplicity and its inherent quality construction and materials. Craftsman style and Mission style are often considered synonymous and justifiably so. Gustav Stickley is initially responsible for the term “Craftsman” style as he developed furniture in a more simple, straight aesthetic and in larger in proportions. It was in part, a reaction to the busy swirling and floral carvings found in the Victorian movement. Designing with simple lines worked for the American public, who were apparently ready for something different than Victorian, which is understandable. The style, self-titled “Craftsman,” became better known as “Mission” with the publicity that followed. Gustav and his team of designers and draftsmen, created sketches and plans and hired traveling salesmen to collect orders. As the business grew, Gustav published furniture plans, wrote a magazine, designed houses, all of which supported the new concept of “simple.” He was the King of this self-created reality, and we honor him for that effort.

Locating appropriate restoration and decor products can be very challenging for the homeowner, contractor or builder. Oak Park Home & Hardware (OPHH) has assembled a comprehensive collection of period restoration reproduction items in the Craftsman-Mission style. Our largest product lines include Craftsman Style Lighting for interior and exterior installation such as Craftsman-Mission chandeliers, sconces, lanterns and more. We frequently assist our customers in the selection of their Craftsman-Mission lighting through email. Customer can email pictures, drawings, etc. to us and we can communicate through email or by phone. We also do custom lighting solutions for our customers. Because we have a very focused Craftsman Style line of lighting, we have become well versed in all of our product lines, unlike many other Internet based lighting stores. Most of our products are made in USA by either an individual Craftsperson or small company.