Dard Hunter

Dard Hunter Studios
Oak Park Home & Hardware began working with Dard Hunter in 2001. Over the years, we have provided many Dard Hunter Studios’ items for our customers from Dard Hunter tile frames, Dard Hunter mortise and tenon frames, Dard Hunter mirrors, Dard Hunter framed prints, and Dard Hunter gift items/accessories. We have also developed some custom solutions for our customers, which have been crafted by Dard Hunter Studios. One of our more memorable moments was when Dard Hunter III attended a special event for us at our store, demonstrating old school printmaking. Dard brought an old letterpress and made prints for our customers on the spot.

Framed WPA Posters
Welcome Mats
Cottage Lace Curtains

Dard Hunter Legacy Style Tile Frames
Dard Hunter tile frames are handmade by master craftsmen at the Dard Hunter Studios in Chillicothe Ohio. Dard Hunter uses only quarter sawn white oak because of its durability and its inherently beautiful grain patterns. Each board is hand selected to ensure that your frame will possess a unique and naturally beautiful ray flake pattern.
Each frame is assembled using mortise and tenon joints. After assembly, each frame is sanded smooth by hand to insure a flawless finish. The craftsmen use a four step finishing process, the final of which is a hand rubbed wax.

The Dard Hunter Studios name and logo is branded into the back of each frame. This guarantees that each frame is authentic and handmade at the Dard Hunter studio. You will also find the back of the frame is finished with the same care as the face of the frame.
Each frame comes with a slotted hanging notch, which is milled into the back. Please note that series frames are notched for vertical and horizontal hanging. A milled ledge on the frame face holds the tiles and heavy duty framing staples anchor the tiles from the back.
Made especially to fit any tile, you will find no better way to display and enhance your tile selection. These frames are finished to withstand sunlight and years of wear.
Dard Hunter Square Rose Lace Curtains
A recent addition to our Dard Hunter line of home furnishings has been created by our friend Dan Cooper, of Cottage Lace. Dan realized that there were few lace curtain choices for residents of early 20th century homes, and none made from the authentic scrim as was sold in The Craftsman. We are proud to offer the Dard Hunter Square Rose design in these highest quality 100% cotton Madras weave panels, which grant privacy while allowing the maximum amount of light.
Dard Hunter Rose Motif and Iris Motif Welcome Mat
Dard Hunter Arts & Crafts welcome mats are 100% natural fiber embedded into heavy rubber backing with raised flocked design. The Rose and Stem design mat was inspired by the Dard Hunter classic design for many Roycroft publications including A Message to Garcia. The Iris design mat was inspired by the Dard Hunter 1906 design for the book Justinian and Theodora.