Installing Wired Doorbells & Door Chimes

Wired Doorbell Requirements
All of our doorbells are designed for wired systems and work with an existing wired doorbell system. If you are installing a brand new doorbell system, you will need the wired doorbell button, a wired door chime, a transformer and bell wire. We sell only the wired doorbell buttons. Some of our chimes are offered with a wireless chime but the doorbell buttons are "not pretty".

We do not provide installation advice and recommend consulting with either your Electrician or Contractor as codes and regulations may be specific to your geographic area. We can provide installation tips only.

Transformer Voltage
Our doorbells are recommended for use with up to 24-Volt transformers.

If they are needed, diodes come with the chimes, not the button. If you have an older chime, it may need a diode. The diode gets installed on the two screws on the button along with the wires. It allows the electrical signal to last a bit longer when the button is pressed, which is what some old chimes need. We do not sell diodes.

Wireless Doorbells
All of our doorbells are wired doorbells. They are compatible with wired systems and they are also compatible with any wireless system that converts a wired doorbell to a wireless doorbell. We do not offer conversion kits at this time.
Honeywell makes a wireless converter system that allows you to convert your wired doorbell button into a wireless doorbell button. You can purchase a nice decorative doorbell from us and then purchase the Honeywell wireless converter and compatible wireless chime to convert it to wireless! Click here to learn more about this converter.

Surface & Recessed Mount DoorbellsThe majority of the doorbells we offer are recessed and do not mount flush to the wall. This means that the entire center push button mechanism is inserted into the wall or mounting surface. The actual plate does mount to the surface however.

Surface Mount – the doorbell plate will sit directly on top of the surface you are mounting it to and will sit directly on top of the wall you are installing the wired button on. This is usually the easiest mounting option.
Recessed – this is where the entire center push button mechanism in set inside the wall or mounting surface.

Screw Hole Distance
Many of our doorbells are handcrafted so the screw hole distance can vary slightly from one item to another, even though it is the same design. We have found that it is very challenging to find a doorbell with the exact screw hole distance of an existing doorbell.

Installation Tips - Wired Doorbell Button Replacement

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper
  • Pliers
  • Your new doorbell button.

First: find the electrical breaker that powers the doorbell system and switch it off.

Next, remove the screws from the old doorbell cover and gently pull it away from the wall.

Remove the two wires coming out from the wall from the two screws on the back of the old button. Check to see if the exposed parts of the wires are clean and not brittle. If not, simply reattach the wires to the two screws on your new doorbell button. If the wires look dirty, rusted or brittle, cut the exposed part off and strip approximately ½ inch of each wire and then attach to the screws. It doesn’t matter which wire goes on which screw as it is low voltage.

Lastly, screw the new doorbell back plate to the wall.

Recessed Mount Doorbell Replacement

Requires a 5/8” diameter hole with a minimum depth of 1-1/4”.

Mounting screw heads are typically visible.

Installing Wired Doorbells

Surface Mount Doorbell Replacement

Installing Wired Doorbells

Doorbell back plate mounts directly to surface. Wiring typically exists wall surface through a small hole.

Diagram - Wired Doorbell Chime Replacement

1) Remove existing chime cover and wiring, labeling each wire for reference. Then remove existing chime mechanism base.

2) Mount new chime mechanism base and attach labeled wires (most chime mechanisms will have leads labeled).

3) Mount or hang chime mechanism cover.

Installing Wired Doorbells