Making A Hammered Copper Top Table

Round Hammered Copper Table Top

Creating a copper top table is much easier than you might think. If you've ever admired the deep rich color and texture of dark copper, then consider making a hammered copper top table. Hammered copper tops are available in a variety of sizes and shapes making them suitable for side tables, accent tables, or even a dining table.

Our hammered copper and zinc table tops are pre-mounted onto an MDF base. The resulting thickness is 1-1/2". It is fairly simple to center the tops onto a table base and screw from the base's top into the bottom surface of our tops (do not screw through the top surface).

You can find a variety of table bases online with a simple search: "table bases". Most table bases are manufactured in either wood or metal. You can also find customized handcrafted table bases at etsy. Or if you prefer, you can craft your own table base or repurpose one from a vintage table.

Care for a copper table top is easy with Copper Sink Wax Protectant.