Motawi Tileworks Art Tiles

Art Tile For Display, Gifts, and Installation

 Motawi Tile Motawi Tile Motawi Songbirds Tile

You cannot go wrong with Arts & Crafts Tiles as a gift item. Many people have found themselves unintentionally collecting Art Tiles over the years. Art Tiles can be framed, displayed on an easel, or left unframed.
Since 1992, the artisans at Motawi Tileworks have hand crafted art tile in their Ann Arbor, Michigan studio. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture.
Motawi tile designs are a blend of art from the turn of the century and the Motawi’s design sensibility. The designs are brought to life by a tile-making process which is a journey itself. Improving their techniques of pressing, glazing, and mold-making is a bit of an obsession in the studio. The artful tile—the outcome of this shared obsession—is evidence that Karim and Nawal Motawi and their artisan team is at the top of their craft.
Recently, Motawi has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to create a line of tiles based on the works of Mr. Wright. In 2008 an old friendship turned into an artistic collaboration as Motawi and fine print maker Yoshiko Yamamoto released the first of a series based on Yoshiko’s prints.
Oak Park Home & Hardware (OPHH) offers the complete line of Motawi Art Tile either framed or unframed. We offer tile frames by Dard Hunter, and by Mitchell Andrus of Mission Furnishings.

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