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Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom
Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom
Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom
Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom
Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom
Oak Park Home & Hardware Showroom


Welcome to Oak Park Home & Hardware, Inc. (OPHH.com).

Oak Park Home & Hardware (OPHH) took seed in early 2001 and has grown considerably over the years. Owner / Creator / Designer, Joseph Galli wanted to create a point of sale environment where his professional design experience could also be utilized in assisting customers with the selection process. "I didn't want to just sell stuff. I wanted to pre-select a product mix, offer customization, and provide a effective selection process for a best possible solution for my customers". OPHH offers a variety of design services from over the phone consultation, email consultation, and rendering suggestions. For more information about our design services, please contact us.

Our product line is a composition of carefully selected items that will help communicate a sense of design and purpose within your home, office or public invited environment.

You may have noticed that many or most of our products are offered in many different options and are made-to-order. This allows for a certain amount of flexibility and semi-customization which can be invaluable for achieving a specific style environment. The down side for some, is that these products do take time for production. Please plan accordingly with your projects. We are here to assist in your sections. We do everything possible to help make sure our customers are making appropriate decisions about their purchases. This is what sets us apart from our online competition which sometimes lack thorough knowledge of the products they offer. We know our products well and if there is something we do not know, and you need to know, then we'll find out for you! Because of this, we have an extremely low rate of returns* and a very high customer satisfaction and repeat customer rate.

*many of our made-to-order items are non-returnable


Please pay attention to manufacturing and delivery time frames. Many of our products are made-to-order specialty items or carefully hand made and can take "up to" 12 weeks before shipping. Remember...uniqueness and quality is not always synonymous with speed. Some production items are also offered as quick ship items and are typically labeled as such.

Consider purchases for yourself, family, clients or for gift giving.

Thank you for visiting!

Oak Park Home & Hardware, Inc. (OPHH.com) is an online store only.

We no longer have a brick & mortar store and have been able to dramatically increase our business by focusing solely on online sales. After 16 years in Oak Park, IL (Chicagoland), we moved the business to sunny Florida in December of 2017.

Our current business mailing and shipping address is:

Oak Park Home & Hardware, Inc.
Delray Beach, FL, 33483

Email Contact: sales (at) oakparkhome-hardware.com

Business Is Closed

Design consultation at "your place" is available within the greater South Florida area. Please inquire. We have specified product for entire home renovations over the years and with great results.

Rendering Services
We can simulate just about any of our products in your environment. Please contact us for details!