Arroyo Craftsman Glass Panel Replacements

Do you have a broken or cracked glass panel on one of your Arroyo Craftsman light fixtures? Or would you like to replace all of the glass panels with a different glass color or mica? Then we can help. We have been facilitating glass panel replacement parts for Arroyo Craftsman lighting for over 20 years!

Here's how it works:

Email us what you need or what you would like and we will get a cost for you (typically within a couple days). We would need the fixture model number if you know this, which panels need to be replaced (ie: side panel, bottom panel, etc.), and the glass or mica color needed.

Most folks do not know the model number so you can simply email a picture of your fixture to us along with the width of the top roof. We can then identify it and the glass or mica you currently have.

Glass and Mica Options:

Arroyo Craftsman Glass Type 1
Arroyo Craftsman Glass Type 2
Arroyo Craftsman Glass Type 3
Arroyo Craftsman Glass Type 4