Customizing With Arroyo Craftsman Lighting

Arroyo Craftsman Glass Panel Replacement
Customizing With Arroyo Craftsman Lighting

Many lighting manufacturers do not afford the luxury of customization. But since Arroyo Craftsman Lighting is made per order according to option selections, limited customization is possible.

Oak Park Home & Hardware has been accommodating customization requests with Arroyo Craftsman since 2001, and with great success!  We know the product line inside out and have a direct line to Arroyo Craftsman's Production Manager. Many or most online lighting dealers will not take the time with customization and quite frankly, their operators may not know the product line enough to know what can or cannot be done. Mistakes can happen and since the average production time for the lighting is from 6-7 weeks (or more), any mistake can be costly, yet alone frustrating.

Below are just a few customization examples that we can accommodate.

The Optimum Visualization Tool:
If you are having some trouble determining the correct sized fixture for a location or just are not able to visualize a space with the fixture you have been considering, then we have a special something for you! For nearly 20 years, we have been putting together full-scale paper models for our customers. We piece them together from actual CAD drawings of the fixture and mail them out to our you. You can then hold up or tape up the fixture in the intended location to see if it is the right size or whether you may need to go with a larger or smaller version. This is especially effective for wall lights, pendants and chandeliers. We do charge a fee for chandeliers and large pendants. This fee is credited when an order is placed. Here is an example of a fixture model in 2 sizes where our customer needed to decide between the two.

Overall Heights:
Ceiling heights vary greatly. And pendants and chandeliers typically need to be hung a certain distance either from a ceiling or off from a surface. We can have any pendant or chandelier made to any overall height. We can have chain lengths added or stems, rods or tube lengths added or subtracted to achieve an overall height (extension). Arroyo Craftsman considers the overall height to be FROM THE CEILING TO VERY BOTTOM OF THE FIXTURE LANTERN(S). Arroyo Craftsman will not produce a fixture with a specified chain length or rod length. It must be an overall height. If a chain hung pendant or chandelier needs to be shorter than the standard overall height (extension), then we recommend getting the fixture with the standard overall height (extension) and simply shorten by removing chain links at the time of installation. There may be an upcharge for adding length and shortening lengths from a standard overall height (extension) depending on fixture and quantity.

Loose Fitting Bottom Glass Panels:
Many Arroyo Craftsman light fixtures can have a loose fitting bottom glass panel. This is especially advantageous for outdoor fixtures or fixtures where the sight line is direct up into the interior of the fixture. Loose fitting bottom glass panels are only available for square bottom or rectangular bottom fixtures. Otherwise, it would not be possible to tilt the glass panel upward to change out a light bulb. Bottom glass panels are not available for certain smaller size fixtures because the UL rating would become void from too much interior heat build up. You can get any glass color option for a bottom glass panel. For example, some people may select a frosted glass for the bottom glass panel while selecting the Gold White Iridescent glass for the body of the fixture. There is typically an upcharge for a bottom glass panel. We include them at no cost on larger orders (if available).

Glass Panel Replacement:
Glass panel broken? You can order replacement glass panels through us. You cannot get them direct through Arroyo Craftsman. Just call or email us with what you need. Don't bother measuring the glass panel. We need the fixture model number and the glass color option. You can email a picture of the fixture to us for identification along with the fixture ROOF WIDTH, and of course your name and address. We will get a quote to you via email.

We can make a request for no clear lacquer on certain finishes such as the Verdigris Patina finish. The result is a finish that will begin to evolve and patina on its own more quickly. There is no upcharge for this request.

Making A Damp Rated Light Fixture To Be Wet Rated:
Some light fixtures by Arroyo Craftsman which are damp rated can be made as a wet rated fixture with a special heavily insulated cable and added silicone. These are fixtures where a cable is partially exposed such as a hooked arm wall mount fixture where a small amount of the cable exits the hook into the lantern. There is an upcharge for this modification. Click here for more information on Damp Rated versus Wet Rated lighting.

Mix and Matching Standard Parts:
On occasion, a customer will want (or need) a look from one series and a size of something else on another series. We can (and have) done this. Arroyo Craftsman will generate a drawing for us showing the modification, and provide a cost. Arroyo Craftsman will require a sign off on the drawing prior to production. Costs are based upon material costs and labor.

Custom Sizing:
We have had custom sized fixtures made from existing designs. For example, we can have a wall sconce made to a custom height or width quite easily. This may not be possible on lighting designs which have a curve or spun part in its design. Arroyo Craftsman will generate a drawing for us showing the modification, and provide a cost. Arroyo Craftsman will require a sign off on the drawing prior to production. Costs are based upon material costs and labor.

100% Custom:
Simply put....Yes!
This will be the highest cost in customization.

Please feel free in contact us for any Arroyo Craftsman Lighting customization request!:
773-836-3606 or by email