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Mica Lamps By The Mica Lamp Company
Oak Park Home & Hardware has been working with The Mica Lamp Company for many years. We have always appreciated their high quality designs crafted from solid copper, iron, and mica. We have executed a number of custom design lighting solutions for our customers over the years with The Mica Lamp Company. We offer the complete line of Mica Lamps from the Mica Lamp Company such as Coppersmith chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, lanterns, and mica ceiling fans. We also offer other mica lighting series’ from the Mica Lamp Company such as Vintage Iron, Storybook Lighting, Lantern 1900, and more.

Turn-of-the-century American lighting design and quality craftsmanship has been the hallmark of the Mica Lamp Company. They follow the same formula as the original craftsmen. Parts are made of solid copper, assembled with hand driven copper rivets and then finished with a rich natural brown patina. The bottom plate of each lamp is die struck with the Mica Lamp Co. shop mark.
Mica Lamp Company Mica shade panels are the same natural materials used by the Arts and Crafts master lamp makers of years gone by. Mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, make each mica shade unique with its variations of mineral deposit patterns and color tones. The famous San Francisco coppersmith Dirk Van Erp, was the first to make these copper lamps in 1910.
History of Mica Lamp Company
The Mica Lamp Company has been in business since 1991. Their shop is located in Glendale, California and all Coppersmith lamps and fixtures are made in this shop.
Mica Lamp Company’s circa 19OO lamps are authentic in style, materials and craftsmanship. Most models are styles from American Arts & Crafts era: Also, referred to as Mission Style and Prairie Style. Other styles are Mackintosh (European Arts & Crafts Style), French Galle' Style (Etched Glass Cameo) and 1920's forged black iron (Gothic, Tudor, and Spanish Styles).
Materials in the Construction of Mica Lamps
Mica Lamp Company uses authentic materials, specializing in forming copper. They are the leaders in authentic copper and mica mineral forming techniques. They also follow the same formula as the early 1900's original craftsmen: producing authentic hand riveted copper lamps that are finished with the old time patina process. Shade panels are made of authentic Mica mineral. The Los Feliz lamps, and Vintage Iron series light fixtures are made of hand forged black iron.

Mica Onion Lamp
Mica Prairie Chandleier
Mica Vintage Black Iron
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